You can weave software into hardware!
And then fly to the moon!!

Katie Broida

Software and Apollo

Core Memory
Core Rope Memory (ROM)

Space Technology Handwoven by Watchmakers and Seamstresses

How good was this handmade memory?
Virtually indestructible memory storage
Meticulous weaving

Core Rope Memory: unique in time and space

Core Rope Memory:
A How-To Guide

Load component with magnetic iron cores
Pass needle loaded with wire through cores
Machine will advance to next location
Solder wire in place, remove pins, press and fold wires into assembly
Finally, run tests and "pot" the memory module
Memory Lost
  • Kitty Cicardo
  • Virginia Milato
  • Eleanor Capadona
  • Vernell Norman
  • Caroline Butler
  • Helen Lennon
  • Edna Walcott
  • Mary Julian
  • Mary Lou Rodgers
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